Our mission

Westside Rescue is a 501(c)3 organization established to address the healthcare needs of the pets of homeless individuals and families in our community. 

With primary emphasis on preventative care through appropriate vaccines and spay/neuter services, we've seen improvements made in the lives of both the pets and their people who love them. 

At the same time, these individuals receive education in responsible pet care while helping us fight pet overpopulation. By collaborating with others in the community serving the homeless, we've been able to continue nurturing the human-animal bond and help our clients take another step away from homelessness.

Every dollar raised goes directly to the care of these animals. We are an all-volunteer organization and do not have a facility; but rather, take our services to the homeless community in downtown Fresno.

Our Vision

EDUCATE: We communicate the importance of spay and neuter, the health benefits of proper care and vaccinations; and treating animals and their owners with respect. 

 We are the voice of the animals of Fresno's homeless community. We support no-kill policy,  are against breed discrimination, and believe that inappropriate dog behaviors are learned, not inherent.